Abdulaziz Al Khalifa, CEO at Qatar Development Bank, on Qatar’s strategy to face the pandemic

June, 30, 2020

Abdulaziz Al Khalifa, CEO at Qatar Development Bank (INSME Board Member) intervened in the annual startups and entrepreneurship developments conference 2020 held digitally early in June with a speech which highlighted the strategy Qatar is adopting to face the current crisis.
Mr. Al Khalifa stressed the importance of the cooperation between the various Qatari government’s departments to design an integrated package of measures to support private companies in facing the present emergency.

By referring to Qatar Development Bank contribution, Mr. Al Khalifa presented the National Security Programme which responds to the challenges posed by the pandemic with soft loans that help private companies to cover relevant expenses such as rental fees. Another element stressed during the speech was related to the programs and consulting services offered by QDB to train companies through online platforms on dealing with various aspects related to the impact of the pandemic and also the publication of a guide for SMEs to be meant as a reference on how to deal with the present emergency.

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Source: Qatar Development Bank

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