CEA-PME meets the Italian Prime Minister

July, 31, 2020

A delegation representing CEA-PME – the European Confederation of the Associations of SMEs (INSME Strategic Member) has recently met the Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

The delegation was led by Mr. Mario Ohoven, President at CEA-PME and also at BVMW – the German Mittelstand and Mr. Maurizio Casasco, first European Vice President at CEA-PME and President at CONFAPI – the Italian Confederation of Private Small and Medium Enterprises (INSME Strategic Member).

The meeting was the occasion to explore common paths to enhance the growth and development of European and Italian SMEs. It has been highlighted that investments and innovation are key to enable a positive process that brings to this growth. Furthermore, a close collaboration between academia and industry is needed.

The need to reinforce the synergies between Italian and German SMEs, in particular in the manufacturing sector, which is a strategic one for both countries, as well as open to collaborations with new markets like Africa is crucial.

After the meeting Mr. Ohoven said “We Europeans must be united in order not to be squeezed between the United States and China. Italy and Germany must be the engine of this union”, while President Casasco highlighted that the Prime Minister has always demonstrated to care about SMEs issues and that “Synergies at European level will be crucial to allow SMEs to overcome the crisis caused by the emergency and to relaunch common actions at all levels”.

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Source: CEA-PME – the European Confederation of the Associations of SMEs

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