CONFAPI President states that an ambitious plan to support SMEs recovery after the covid-19 emergency is needed

March, 30, 2020

CONFAPI – the Italian Confederation of Private Small and Medium Businesses (INSME Member) is among the business associations contributing to the identification of the measures the Italian Government has to put in place to support the recovery after the covid-19 emergency

According to Mr. Maurizio Casasco, President of CONFAPI, the priority is to limit risk related to the covid-19 outbreak and safeguard public health. In order to do this, he suggests to close all those activities which are non-essential for 7-10 days by highlighting that this is what happens during the summer break therefore it is a measure that could be adopted also in this difficult time. Furthermore Mr. Casasco states that the health emergency will have a dire impact on the global economy, but this is not the time to forecast its effects. It is instead of paramount importance to explore and find effective solutions to handle the crisis: the most urgent issue is to respond to the enterprises’ need of liquidity, it is also crucial to cut all bureaucratic burdens that represent a waste of time for entrepreneurs who need to act as rapidly as possible. Furthermore, he also welcomes the measures adopted by the European Central Bank which are focused on more extended flexibility, and with regard to the Italian framework Mr. Casasco stressed that it is essential to reinforce the so-called golden power to protect the country’s strategic enterprises in order to avoid their acquisition by big foreign groups.


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