How to survive the jobs shakeout? Skills, skills, skills. Listen to the OECD podcast

July, 31, 2020

Jacques van den Broek, the CEO and executive chair of the Executive Board of Randstad, a global company in Human Resources services, is the lead speaker of the last podcast published by the OECD in order to promote the discussion and enhance the debate on social, environmental, governance and technological topics.

During his talk Mr van den Broek highlighted that industries like airlines, automotive, events, leisure and hospitality have been deeply hit by the COVID-19, while other sectors like education, technology and health care have been less impacted by the pandemic spread also because of their possibility to be wielded digitally.

He pointed out the urgency of the industries facing the current crisis to reinvent themselves while people should boost their employability by reskilling and taking advantage from the new and growing opportunities of digital connections.

Mr van den Broek also stressed the role of the Governments to collect the data in order to spot what kinds of jobs the economy needs and the requested skills for them in order to create a massive data infrastructure to combine these information with that one at disposal of the recruitment agencies.

The educational institutions, finally, have also the remarkable role to structure a huge reskilling programme as well as the the Government that will hopefully create an investment agenda on infrastructure.

Listen to the podcast available here.

Source: OECD

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