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Dear "INSMEnews" readers,

the first quarter of 2012 has nearly passed and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your warm welcome and support since I became the new INSME Secretary General.

The start was challenging, intense and positive and I enjoy the collaborative atmosphere created by the INSME team. Special thanks go to Simona Marzetti, INSME Secretary general until December 2011 for all the precious and constant commitment which was the strong and powerful basis to succeed in making the INSME network expand.

I am honored to announce that the INSME family since the beginning of 2012 has been growing and we warmly welcome 6 new members to our network.

INSME is becoming more and more global representing 86 institutions from 35 different countries around the world - the "new entries" are from the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Sultanate of Oman - and those synergies and increasing collaboration potential are more and more developing a constructive environment for an authentic win-win-situation for all members and stakeholders of the innovation eco-system. This helps to create additional business opportunities and fruitful connections as well as to leverage and fine-tune proper performances to deliver high-quality services to clients by minimizing time-consumption.

Picture taken from with special thanks to Núria Farregut

I am sure you perceived my enthusiasm and passion to get on the INSME train and reach new destinations and goals set by the INSME General Assembly.

By looking at this picture - that I share with you for further inspiration - I brainstormed about some new services and tools to put on your disposal and make INSME even more innovative, interactive, passionate and ... spicy!!
Be surprised!

I thank all the active members that provided the Secretariat and myself with interesting information about news, upcoming events and initiatives and our partners - especially the media-partners that highlighted the upcoming 8th INSME Annual Meeting 2012 in their various publications and web portals.

A good start needs a good follow up - let's enhance joint efforts to further help innovation stakeholders to make innovation happen in SMEs by reaching even wider geographical areas!

Meet you all at Daejeon during our
Annual Meeting (22nd to 25th of May 2012)
and remember: Success is sometimes just a smile away...


With my best wishes,


Ms. Christin Pfeiffer

INSME Secretary general


Supporting organisations:

Updates on the life of the INSME Network

8th INSME Annual Meeting updates

"Sustainable Growth with Innovation: Building Competitive SME Networks"

May 22nd -25th 2012 Daejeon, Republic of Korea

The event is co-hosted by World Technopolis Association - WTA, Daejeon Metropolitan City, INNOBIZ Association and Daejeon Convention Center.

The event will comprise:

  • 8th INSME Association General Assembly (INSME Members only)
  • 9th INSME Board meeting (INSME Board Members only)
  • International Conference
  • 2012 INNOBIZ Global Forum (IGF), organized by the local partner INNOBIZ Association
  • 9th WTA Daejeon Hi-tech fair, organized by WTA

Download the draft Agenda now available here.

Registration is now open: hurry up to benefit from the early bird fees.

On the 25th of May 2012 in Daejeon the INSME Association, together with WTA World Technopolis Association and UNESCO - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is organising an international training on "Managing the innovation-economy: challenges and opportunities for SMEs".

Read more about the international trainers at:

Download of the training agenda now available on INSME Annual Meeting's website:

Stay updated concerning the 8th INSME Annual Meeting! Check: and the INSME Portal, INSME Twitterpage, and LinkedIn Profile.

For further details contact the INSME Secretariat at:

New INSME Vice President

The INSME Association is pleased to announce that Dr. Ibrahim Al Mansoori - Chief Operating Officer at Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development - UAE (INSME Member) has been nominated as new INSME Vice-President.

We wish him a successful start in this new role and take this opportunity to thank Dr. Ing. Hamad Al Hashemi, former Vice President from Dubai Institute of technology (DIT), for his precious collaboration and inputs during his vice-presidency.

Keep yourself updated about the life of the INSME network on our portal:

New Members joined the Network

The INSME Association is pleased to welcome the following organizations which recently joined our Network:

Sharakah - Development Fund for Youth Projects,
a private non-for profit organization, based in Sultanate of Oman, as Full Member

IOR -ARC Regional For Science and Technology Transfer (RCSTT),
an Intergovernmental International Association based in the Islamic Republic of Iran, as Full Member

a private-no profit Association based in Italy, as Observer


At present, the International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises-INSME comprises 86 organizations based in 35 different countries in 4 continents.

For further details please visit the INSME Members' webpage:

If you are interested in joining INSME, please click:

or contact us at:

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News from the INSME Members

UNCTAD: EMPRETEC Women in Business Award 2012

Empretec is a United Nations programme established by UNCTAD's Division of Investment and Enterprise to promote the creation of sustainable SMEs and support entrepreneurs building innovative and internationally competitive SMEs.

Ten women who have excelled in developing innovative business ideas and in providing jobs and increasing income in their communities have been selected for the Empretec Women in Business Award and the winners will be announced during the UNCTAD XIII quadrennial conference in Doha, Qatar, in April 2012.

Ms. Simona Marzetti, INSME Board Advisor and former Secretary general, is among the panel members of the Empretec Award 2012.

Read more at:

META Group: TAKE IT UP @ the Innovation Info Days and Kauffman FastTrac META Group Europe Entrepreneurs Award

Innovation Info Days is an opportunity for the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) to be informed about the current state of play in the area of innovation support.

In Brussels, TAKE IT UP, a project managed by META Group where the INSME Association is partnering, recently presented to EEN members the Warehouse for Innovation Support and the innovative tools and services

Innovation Service Providers from EEN had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss about the adoption and uptake of the new services developed by the Europe INNOVA partnerships.

Find out more about warehouse for innovation support here

The Kauffman FastTrac META Group Europe Entrepreneurs Award is an initiatives promoted by META Group and EBN aiming at indentifying entrepreneurs who have built innovative fast-growing start ups located in Europe in the creative industry.

The scope of the prize is to give relevance to the "best in class", who could inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

Candidates are invited to send their application until 31st of March 2012.

Applications should be sent by e-mail using this application form to:

Further details at:

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INSME's Picks in the News

Competitiveness Council: Ministers debate on SME participation in Horizon 2020

On 20-21 February 2012, EU Ministers debated on the Horizon 2020 strategic framework programme (2014-2020), following a presentation given by the European Commission. The discussion had its focus on the international cooperation, social sciences and humanities and the participation of SMEs in Horizon 2020. Ministers stressed the importance of facilitating their involvement by a series of actions (i.e. simplification of instruments for SMEs, promotion of clusters, better access to venture capital, partnerships etc). The Danish Presidency of the EU Council will aim at defining the content of the programme by May 2012.

Read the document here

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Focus on...INSME Members

Sharakah Development Fund for Youth Projects

Sharakah - Development Fund for Youth Projects is the Oman's leading entrepreneurial fund which provides services and programs dedicated towards the establishment & growth of Omani businesses and in doing so add value to Omani national economy and its community.

The organization aims at supporting Omani entrepreneurs by providing the necessary funding and expertise needed to transform their business ideas into profitable ventures.

Sharakah became INSME Member in March 2012

Visit the website at:

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About IPR In China

China IPR SME Helpdesk: Guide to IPR Protection in China for the Creative Industries (part II)

China IPR SME Help Desk (INSME Partner) published this article, as a continuation from the previous one (see the INSMEnews n.91) to further address Intellectual Property issues across subsectors of the textile industry, including textile machinery, yarns and specialty fabrics, finished fabrics and brand apparel & accessories. The areas of IP most relevant to the above sectors are discussed over two parts, with this second part addressing copyrights, transfer of technology and trade secrets. For more information on trademarks and patents, please refer to last month's article.

Download the Guide to IPR Protection in China for the Creative Industries (part II) here

To read the Guide to IPR Protection in China for the Creative Industries part I please see September issue of INSMEnews

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Tenders & Calls

EU: MANUNET Call 2012

Coordinator: Innobasque and Basque Government. Department of Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism

Applicants: consortia consisting of at least 2 independent SMEs belonging to 2 participating countries, or 2 regions in different countries; large companies, academic research groups, universities or other public organisations, as well as subcontractors, may also participate according to their regional/national financing regulations, as long as there are 2 independent SMEs belonging to 2 different participating countries.

Regions/Countries: Asturias (Spain), Basque Country (Spain), Catalonia (Spain), Finland, France, Franche-Comté (France), Germany, Israel, Lower Austria (Austria), Luxembourg, Navarra (Spain), Northern Ireland (United Kingdom), Piedmont (Italy), Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland, Turkey, Tuscany (Italy), Wallonia (Belgium), Western Greece (Greece).

Objective: to foster the competitiveness of Europe's Manufacturing Industry by co-funding manufacturing research projects performed by enterprises (preferably SMEs) and their strategic partners.

Deadline for full proposals submission: 11th of July 2012, 17:00 (CET)

Find out more at:

EU: RegioStars Awards 2013

Organiser: European Commission - DG Regio

Applicants: The 273 NUTS-2 regions in Europe are eligible for EU structural and Cohesion Fund support from a variety of national, regional or cooperation programmes.

Awards categories:

  1. SMART GROWTH: Connecting universities to regional growth
  2. SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: Supporting resource efficiency in SMEs
  3. INCLUSIVE GROWTH: Social innovation: creative responses to societal challenges
  4. CITYSTAR CATEGORY: Integrated approaches to sustainable urban development
  5. INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION CATEGORY: Promoting EU Regional policy using short videos

Objective: to foster the competitiveness of Europe's Manufacturing Industry by co-funding manufacturing research projects performed by enterprises (preferably SMEs) and their strategic partners.

Deadline: 20th of April 2012

Find out more at:

EU: "European Creative Districts" Call for proposals

Organiser: European Commission - DG Enterprise and Industry

Applicants: EU Member States, Non-EU-member countries that are participating in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP) of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, which include Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Turkey, Serbia and Albania.

Objective: to support two large-scale demonstrators, "European Creative Districts" that aim at demonstrating the transformative power of creative industries for the rejuvenation of traditional industrial regions.

Total Budget: € 1.000.000

Deadline: 4th of May 2012

Find out more at:

AURP 2012 International Conference - Call for Presentations

Event: AURP 2012 International Conference "Accelerating Job Creation" (18-21 September 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Organiser: Association of University Research Parks - AURP

Aim: to offer professional development to innovation professionals seeking to accelerate job creation and drive economic growth.

Main tracks: strategic initiatives to accelerate job creation and creating, maintaining and operating park facilities.

Deadline: 26th of March 2012

Find out more at:

5th ISPIM Innovation Symposium - Stimulating Innovation: Challenges for Management, Science & Technology - Call for Papers

Event: 5th ISPIM Innovation Symposium "Stimulating Innovation: Challenges for Management, Science & Technology" (9-12 December 2012 in Seoul, Korea)

Organiser: ISPIM (INSME Member) and hosted by KISTEP - The Korea Institute of Science & Technology, Evaluation and Planning

Focus Themes: Science & technology challenges for innovation (event focus), Collaboration for innovation (incl. Open innovation), Creativity & idea generation, Entrepreneurship, business models & financing innovation, Innovation training, education & learning, Methods, tools & measurement for innovation, Networks & clusters of innovation, Public sector & social innovation, Strategic foresight, strategic agility & future orientation, Sustainability in innovation.

Deadline: 14th of September 2012 - Outlines Only (All Submissions)

Find out more at:

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European Industrial Competitiveness Report 2011

This report represents the 14th edition of the Commission's European Competitiveness Report (ECR).

It analyses a number of topics that are relevant for the competitiveness of the EU industry and economy. The analysis is based on economic theory and empirical research. The aim of the report is to contribute to policymaking by drawing attention to recent economic trends and developments and by discussing policy implications.

The report goes into detail first on the overall economic performance and its impact on productivity, the key factors for competitiveness in the long term, as well as the role of R&D and innovation in this process.

It also analyses the relationship between the EU industrial and competition policies as well as the changes in this respect that have taken place over the last decade.

To download the full report, please click here.

CLUSNET: Organising clusters for innovation: lessons from city regions in Europe

This publication issued by the CLUSNET project, an initiative financed through the Interregional Cooperation Programme INTERREGIVC (European Union's Regional Development Fund), provides policy recommendations which constitute the core result of three years of activities of the project (2009-2011).

Taking the objective of the CLUSNET project into account - to improve the effectiveness of cluster support policies in larger European city-regions- through the analysis of cluster programmes and organized clusters in the involved cities, the project aimed at producing operational policy recommendations targeting each partner city on how to strengthen their efforts in cluster policy support.

Download the full report here

Knowledge Transfer Study: Workshop summary now available

The "Knowledge Transfer Study" took place on 30th of September 2011 in Rome. This workshop supported the implementation of the European Commission's 2008 Recommendation on the Management of Intellectual Property (IP) in knowledge transfer (KT) activities and Code of Practice for universities and public research organizations.

The main result of the workshop revealed: a possible need for pro-active marketing of knowledge, a need for better spending of available public funds and a need to establish improved reward systems for KT. IP valorization is one path to be pursued in order to get out of the spiral of debt in Europe.

Mr. Andrea Di Anselmo, INSME Board Member, attended as speaker.

To read the Workshop summary, please click here.

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Recommended Website

WIPO GREEN - The Sustainable Technology Marketplace (Pilot Version)

The objective of the WIPO GREEN, developed by WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization (INSME Observer) is to contribute to the accelerated adaptation and deployment of environmental technologies, particularly in developing countries and emerging economies. It is WIPO's mandate to develop practically useful tools in order to contribute to the joint effort to find solutions to the challenge of climate change.

This objective shall be achieved through the creation of a platform where public and private sector entities from all around the world can meet, collaborate and learn about existing technology and networking opportunities, available funding for implementation and project support services/technical assistance.

To learn more about WIPO GREEN, please click here.

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Recommended Newsletter

WTA newsletter

The World Technolopis Association Newsletter is a bi-monthly communication published by WTA (INSME Member) with the aim to create a Global Network leading a sustainable Technopolis development; to connect science and technology with Regional Innovation; to create a collaborative partnership and to promote the knowledge and technology exchange. It also reviews major policies and business activities of the WTA events and conferences.

To read the latest edition of the WTA Newsletter, please click here.

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Highlighted events

23rd - 24th of April 2012
12th Annual EBAN Congress & 7th Award Ceremony "Access to finance to fuel entrepreneurial growth"
Moscow, Russia

The event, co-organized by EBAN - The European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds, and other Early Stage Market Players (INSME Member) and NBAA - National Business-Angels Association Russia, is the leading meeting point for the European early stage investment community bringing together over 350 participants from Europe and abroad.

The EBAN Congress and Awards are organized in the context of Russia's First National Business Angels Week, an initiative that reaches out to 35 various early stage VC events across 28 regions spread from Irkutsk (Lake Baikal area) to Saint-Petersburg.

17th -20th of June 2012
XXIII ISPIM Conference - Action for Innovation: Innovating from Experience
Barcelona, Spain

The XXIII ISPIM Conference, organized by ISPIM - International Society for Professional Innovation Management (INSME Member) and hosted by La Salle University in partnership with Orbita97, will bring together around 450 innovation experts from 55 countries.

The three-day programme includes: Industry-Leading Keynote Speeches given byLuminary Speakers, Innovation Thought Leaders; "Hot Topic" Roundtable Discussions; Facilitated Themed Sessions with over 200 Academic and Practitioner Presentations; Workshops; Special Interest Groups and Research Development Sessions.

Academic and practitioner sessions include the following themes:

  • Action for innovation (conference focus theme)
  • Collaboration for innovation (including Open Innovation)
  • Creativity and idea generation
  • Entrepreneurship, business models and financing innovation
  • Innovation training, education and learning
  • Methods, tools and measurement for innovation
  • Networks and clusters of innovation
  • Sustainability in innovation

Future International meetings, workshops, seminars selected by INSME

29th of March 2012
Branding and Trade Mark Protection in China
Organized by China IPR SME Helpdesk
Online webinar

2nd - 3rd of April 2012
Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Research and Innovation 2012
Organized by the European Commission
Barcelona, Spain

10th -13th of April 2012
EMCSR 2012 Urban Systems Symposium "21st European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research, Symposium K. Urban Systems Research"
Organized by Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science (BCSSS)
Vienna, Austria

12th of April 2012
Masterclass: Getting ready for the new funding & financial framework 2014-2020 for EU external cooperation
Organized by ResearchInUse Academy
Bonn, Germany

12th - 13th of April 2012
Fifth Session of the Team of Specialists on Innovation and Competitiveness Policies
Organized by UNECE -United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (INSME Member)
Geneva, Switzerland

13th of April 2012, 16th of May 2012, 20th of June 2012
RIU training: Towards Horizon2020, the new European Union research and innovation program 2014-20
Organized by ResearchInUse Academy
Bonn, Germany

16th - 18th of April 2012
World Economic Forum on Latin America 2012 "Regional Transformation in a New Global Context"
Organized by the World Economic Forum
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

17th - 18th of April 2012
Agorada Conference 2012
Organized by EURADA - The European Association of Development Agencies (INSME Member)
Brussels, Belgium

18th - 20th of April 2012
European Cluster Conference 2012
Supported by the European Commission, PRO INNO Europe- INNO ACTIONS, Europe INNOVA and Cluster Plattform Österreich
Vienna, Austria

19th of April 2012
The Innovation Consensus: Economic Growth in 2013 and Beyond
Organized by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF)
Washington DC, United States

20th - 23rd of April 2012
World Investment Forum "Investing in Sustainable Development" (WIF 2012)
Organized by UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (INSME Member)
Doha, Qatar

21st - 26th of April 2012
UNCTAD XIII Ministerial Conference
Organized by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - UNCTAD (INSME Member) and hosted by the Government of Qatar
Doha, Qatar

23rd of April 2012
Empretec Women in Business Award 2012
Organized by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development - UNCTAD
Doha, Qatar

23rd - 25th of April 2012
INDIALLIA 2012 - International Business Development Forum
Co-organized by All India Association of Industries (AIAI) and the World Trade Centre (WTC)
Mumbai, India

25th - 27th of April 2012
2012 TII Annual Conference
Organized by TII - Technology Innovation International
Copenhagen, Denmark

26th of April 2012
Protect Your IPR when Conducting R&D in China
Organized by China IPR SME Helpdesk
Online webinar

26th of April 2012
World IP Day
Organized by WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization (INSME Member)
Around the globe

26th- 27th of April 2012
5th International Scientific Conference: "Information Society and Modern Business - Knowledge Creation and Transfer into New Competences"
Co-organized by Ventspils University College, Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration, BA School of Business and Finance
Ventspils, Latvia

9th - 11th of May 2012
World Economic Forum on Africa 2012 "Accelerating Quality Growth, Creating Shared Opportunities"
Organized by the World Economic Forum
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

17th - 20th of June 2012
29th IASP World Conference on Science & Technology Parks "Serving the Companies and the Innovation Community"
Organized by IASP and TEHNOPOL Tallinn Science Park
Tallinn, Estonia

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