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Supporting organisations:

Updates on the life of the INSME Network

8th INSME Annual Meeting "Sustainable Growth with Innovation: Building Competitive SME Networks"

The 8th INSME Annual Meeting is NOW!!

The event took place from 22nd to 25th of May 2012 in Daejeon, South Korea, held in collaboration with the 3rd Innobiz Global Forum, gathered more than 130 international participants from 28 Countries around the world and 32 International Speakers as well as hundreds of Korean innovation stakeholders.

On the 25th May was held also the INSME -WTA -UNESCO International Training Programme on "Managing the innovation-economy: challenges and opportunities for SMEs"

Check the International trainers:

This year the INSME Annual Meeting, co-hosted by World Technopolis Association - WTA, Daejeon Metropolitan City, INNOBIZ Association and Daejeon Convention Center, comprised also:

  • INNOBIZ Global Forum 2012 (IGF)
    Organized by the local partner INNOBIZ Association
  • 9th WTA Daejeon Hi-Tech Fair
    Organized by WTA

For further details about the Programme and the events scheduled, please download the Agenda here.

Speakers presentations will be soon available online.

Stay tuned on the 8th INSME Annual Meeting on: and the INSME Portal, INSME Twitter page, and LinkedIn Profile.

Or contact INSME Secretariat at:

New Members joined the Network

The INSME Association is pleased to welcome the following organizations that joined our Network:

RQ Consulting, a private for profit organization based in Italy joining as Full Member

Treviso Tecnologia, a private non-for profit organization based in Italy joining as Associate Member

EIDON Lab, a private non-for profit organization based in Italy joining as Full Member
Small Business Development Foundation - SBDF, a private non-for profit organization, based in Sint Maarten joining as Full Member
Asian Development Bank - ADB, an international organization based in Philippines joining as Full Member (Honorary member).

At present, the International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises-INSME comprises 91 organizations based in 37 different countries in 4 continents.

For further details please visit the INSME Members’ webpage:

If you are interested in joining INSME, please click here or contact us at:

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News from the INSME Members

UNECE: Applied Policy Seminar "Building Strategies for Regions of Innovation " presentations now available

The Applied Policy Seminar "Building Strategies for Regions of Innovation ", which was organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - UNECE (Geneva, 12-13 April 2012), brought together policy makers, representatives of regional development organizations and other innovation practitioners across Europe to discuss key policy issues concerning the regional dimension of innovation policies.

The Seminar made particular emphasis on the collaboration between different stakeholders to develop and effectively implement regional innovation strategies. Such collaboration can also have an international dimension or link partners from different regions. A number of presentations focused on different aspects of "smart specialization " regional strategies, which can be built on existing advantages and seek the transformation of traditional sectors. The Seminar also included the presentation of country experiences on the promotion of regional innovation, thus providing an opportunity for policy learning and the exchange of experiences across a wide range of economies and situations.

All presentations given at the seminar can be found at:

EPROCA: INSME participated on the World NGO Nordic Introductory Day

Mrs. Leena Zittling, INSME Association Board Member, Ambassador in Nordic Office, Member of Advisory Group at World NGO Day and Immediate Past President of EPROCA (European ProClusters Association) participated last April in Helsinki, Finland, in the Nordic introductory meeting for the initiative known as "World NGO Day".

Mrs. Leena Zittling INSME Board Member

The goal of this initiative is that the United Nations (UN) General Assembly will approve a resolution establishing a day where the contribution of all NGOs (charities, associations, non-profit organizations) to society throughout the world will be celebrated through local events, global awards and projects that will further enhance their role and develop their capacity to continue their vital activities and contribution.

The UN has recognized through much of its work that NGOs are a key partner to ensuring the success of development, relief, education, human rights and conflict prevention schemes that the UN pursues. This day will highlight this contribution and raise the profile of NGOs and all that they do at the highest levels.

Nordic and Baltic countries have been forerunners to launch this initiative.

The World NGO Day is celebrated on November 18theach year and dedicated to all Non-Governmental Organizations, Non-Profit Organizations operating throughout the world in recognition of the great and valuable work these organizations do.

Read more at :

FUNDES International: MSMEs link up

Over the last 28 years FUNDES has become a strategic ally for thousands of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) throughout Latin America.

With a clear vision of the need to strengthen the region’s entrepreneurial networks this international organization has committed itself to developing an innovative model to support MSMEs: the management of projects involving productive linkages. The key to success for these types of projects is to connect MSMEs in different regions throughout Latin America and link them with the market, opening up new opportunities so that large companies are the ones that finance the competitive development of small companies and their value or distribution chains through a model in which both small and large entrepreneurs come out on top, and thus society as a whole.

FUNDES is currently carrying out a program to strengthen the management of over 9,000 small trades people in Mexico, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and El Salvador, increasing their sales by 32% and their clients by 47%. Over 8,000 jobs have been maintained and a further 500 created. "This is how we transform companies and improve lives ", explained Ueli Frei, Executive Director of FUNDES International, who adds that more than 80 projects of this type are developed each year to create shared value in Latin America.

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INSME's Picks in the News

ITIF: The Innovation Files

The Innovation Files, sponsored by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), based in Washigton DC (USA), is a blog where users can find high quality analysis as well as interesting links to innovative thinking. From innovation economics to clean energy to in-depth examinations of information and telecommunication policy, it promotes smart ideas for the constantly evolving innovation economy.


Find out more at:

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Focus on…INSME Members

Treviso Tecnologia

Treviso Tecnologia is the Special Agency for Technological Innovation established in 1989 by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft and Agriculture (CCIAA) of Treviso (Italy), with the intent of fostering an innovation-oriented corporate culture and constantly support small and medium-sized enterprises through:

  • the development of high-tech and innovative services and projects, in cooperation with universitIes and scientific institutions;
  • the implementation of training programmes aiming at enabling new professionalisms and profiles: technically specialized, managerially skilled and cosmopolitan, within a lifelong learning context;
  • information and technical support for the fulfilment of projects targeted at the certification of products and quality management system.

Treviso Tecnologia became INSME Member on April 2012.

Learn more at:

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About IPR In China

IPR CHINA SME Help Desk: IPR Strategy in China the DOs and DONTs

We take into account that an effective IPR strategy is essential for the development and success of businesses everywhere, including China. China IPR SME Help Desk (INSME Partner) issued this article to prevent IPR matters before they arise by carefully guarding and registering your IP assets before entering any new markets, in particular in the Chinese one. The article aims at enforcing the IPR strategy and provides a proactive preparation with a view to helping to prevent IPR-related issues but may also result in increased revenue as well as more effective and quick enforcement in the case of an infringement.

Read the article here.

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Tenders & Calls

ARTEMIS JU - Call 2012

Organizer: ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking

Call Identifier: ARTEMIS-2012-1

OJ Reference: OJ C 114 of 19th of April 2012

Eligibility criteria: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, FYR Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom.
(Please consult the most recent information on the list of Associated Countries to FP7 in

Objective: to build upon publicly financed R&D to generate the constituents of Eco-Systems and create "Centres of Innovation Excellence " (CoIEs)

The total Indicative Budgets for this call: 138,730,166 €

Deadline: 6th of September 2012

Find out more at:

15th Annual Conference of The Competitiveness Institute (TCI) - Call for Proposals

Event: 15th Annual Conference of The Competitiveness Institute (TCI) "Constructing place-based competitiveness in times of global changes " (16th -19th of October 2012 in Basque Country Spain)

Organiser: TCI Network

Focus Themes:

(Plenary Session): Conference Opening: Competitiveness in Context in 2012; Urban Renewal for Competitive Cities; Constructing Place-based Strategies for Competitiveness; Conference Closing: Responding in Practice to Today's Competitiveness Challenges

(Workshop Sessions): general theme of the conference and related to any aspect of the competitiveness of places and the roles played by firms, clusters, governments, universities and other institutions.

Deadline: 31st of May 2012

Find out more at:

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OECD: "Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2012: An OECD Scoreboard"

This first edition of "Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurship: An OECD Scoreboard" represents a major step in addressing this obstacle by establishing a comprehensive international framework for monitoring SMEs’ and entrepreneurs’ access to finance over time. Comprising 18 countries, including Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States, the Scoreboard presents data for a number of debt, equity and financing framework condition indicators. Taken together, they provide Governments and other stakeholders with a tool to understand SMEs’ financing needs, to support the design and evaluation of policy measures and to monitor the implications of financial reforms on SMEs’ access to finance.

Learn more at:

UCLA: Policies to Stimulate Innovation

This policy paper issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis in cooperation with the University of California, Los Angeles - UCLA, seeks to provide insight into key considerations in innovation policy. The overarching issue is: How do policies that affect firms’ innovation costs and benefits impact aggregate innovation activity, output, productivity and welfare?

To read the paper, please click here.

PERIA: Good Practices Report

The Good Practices Report is the first official document of the PERIA project (Partnership on European Regional Innovation Agencies) which summaries all the identified practices per partners in a standardized description. In particular the 10 good practices included are presented in term of general characteristics of the practice and its transferability.

Download the Report here.

Warwick Business School’s Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Centre Working Paper: "Openness and innovation performance: are small firms different? "

The Centre for Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises, Warwick Business School, Warwick University, based in United Kingdom, has published a Working Paper in January 2012 whose key concern is the relationship between openness and innovation. The paper is structured as follows: the first part aims at exploring whether the innovation benefits of openness are different for smaller and larger firms. Section 2 reviews recent evidence on the relationship between openness and innovation performance and develops hypotheses related to the nature and breadth of firms’ innovation linkages. Section 3 describes data taken from the Irish Innovation Panel and outlines the estimation methods adopted. Section 4 presents the results of our econometric analysis focusing on the contrasts between smaller and larger firms and Section 5 concludes with a discussion of the strategic and policy implications.

The results suggest that small firms can gain significantly from adopting an open innovation strategy, but for such firms an appropriate partner choice is a particularly important issue.

To find out more, please click here.

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Recommended Website

iBridgeSM Network

The iBridgeSM Network, is an initiative of the Kauffman Foundation, which provides a public, centralized source for unbiased information about early stage technologies and inventions.

Its objective is to drive transparency and access to university developed innovations that are available today as well as to field experts, ideas and information. Through the iBridge Network, researchers and those seeking innovations can easily search for and obtain the resources they need.

For further information, please, visit

The iBridge Network was presented by Ms. Kate Petersen at the 8th INSME Annual Meeting in Daejeon on May 24.

To learn more please download the presentation made by Ms. Petersen soon available on the INSME Annual Meeting official website

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Highlighted events

13th -15th of June 2012
21st EBN Annual Congress 2012

Lappeenranta, Finland

The 21st EBN Annual Congress in 2012, organized by EBN- European Business & Innovation Center (INSME Member) in collaboration with BIC Lappeenranta Innovation, will be combined with the 3rd EU-Russia Innovation Forum.

The main focus of the 2012 congress will be on the internationalization of innovative businesses where special attention will be given to cooperation between innovation supporters and innovative SME’s from Europe and Russia. Combining the EBN Congress and the 3rd EU-Russia Innovation Forum will make the event truly European and an interesting meeting point for the EU and Russian stakeholdes.

To learn more please click here.

14th -15th of June 2012
TCI-Network Clusters as Drivers for Economic and Social Development in the Mediterranean Area Conference
Izmir, Turkey

The Conference, co-organized by Izmir Development Agency (INSME Member), TCI Networ, TEPAV - The Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey, Ege University and Aegean Exporters’ Associations, focuses on the role clustering policies, programs and clusters to be multi actor and multi objective dynamic processes and allow an evolutionary progress.

The main theme of the conference has been determined within this perspective with the idea of adopting new and successful models of clustering into similar regions in the Mediterranean Area, which further contributes to increase the competitiveness of sector.

Within the rich diversity of policies and their implementations, it is aimed at creating a discussion environment among policy makers and practitioners, working in different countries and learn from each other, besides learning from the experts and well-known academics.

Read more at:

Future International meetings, workshops, seminars selected by INSME

30th of May 2012
World Economic Forum on East Asia 2012 "Shaping the Region’s Future through Connectivity"
Organized by the World Economic Forum
Bangkok, Thailand

30th of May 2012
GCC Future Entrepreneurs Forum

Organised by Bahrain Development Bank as a result of the mandate from the GCC Ministerial Committee for Planning and Development
Kingdom of Bahrain

30th of May 2012
Using IP as a Business Asset in China
Organised by CHINA IPR SME Helpdesk (INSME Partner)

4th of June 2012
Week of Innovative Regions in Europe 2012 (WIRE 2012)
Organized by the European Commission and Polish National Contact Point for Research Programs of the EU
Krakow, Poland

5th of June 2012
5th Annual International Business Partnership Matchmaking Forum "Russia - Europe: Cooperation without Frontiers"
CO-Organized by the Moscow Entrepreneurs Association and the Russian Technology Transfer Network

Moscow, Russia

5th - 8th and 11th - 14th of June 2012
VI Competitiveness Summer School 2012
Hosted by the Inter-American Institute for Economic and Social Development (INDES) of the Inter American Development Bank (IADB-BID) and organized in collaboration with the International Center of Competitiveness at ESE Business School, Clusterland Upper Austria and Reg-X.
Washington, D.C., United States

6th of June 2012
4th Edition of the Innovat&Match brokerage event
Organised by ASTER-SIMPLER (INSME Member) in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network
Bologna, Italy

7th of June 2012
Crowdfunding Meeting
Organised by the European Economic and Social Committee
Brussels, Belgium

10th of June 2012
Organized by LES Italy
Rome, Italy

11th of June 2012
UD2012-Universal Design 2012
Organized by The Delta Centre, part of the Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir)
Oslo, Norway

12th -14th of June 2012
European Congress on "Eco-technologies for the Future " and International Environmental B2B meetings
Organized by the French environmental cluster CD2E, in partnership with Europe Enterprise Network and GCCA -Global Cleantech Cluster Association and UNIDO -United Nations Industrial Development Organization(INSME Member)
Lille, France

17th -20th of June 2012
XXIII ISPIM Conference - Action for Innovation: "Innovating from Experience"
Organized by ISPIM-The International Society for Professional Innovation Management (INSME Member)
Barcelona, Spain

17th -20th of June 2012
29th IASP World Conference on Science & Technology Parks "Serving the Companies and the Innovation Community"
Organized by IASP and TEHNOPOL Tallinn Science Park
Tallinn, Estonia

19th of June 2012
Protecting Online IPR in China
Organised by CHINA IPR SME Helpdesk (INSME Partner)

20th -22nd of June 2012
WIC - World Investment Conference Europe
Organized by the World Investment Conferences
La Baule, France

20th of June 2012
Venture Forward 2012 Conference
Organised by DiligentDeal and Gust
New York City, U.S.A

16th -18th of July 2012
Global Innovation Summit "Cultivating Innovation Ecosystems"
Co-sponsorsed by the World Bank, the African Development Bank (INSME Member), the Inter-American Development Bank , the World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO (INSME Member), the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development) and Arab Science & Technology Foundation - ASTF(INSME Member), among others.
Silicon Valley, USA

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