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Dear INSMEnews Readers,

this is a special supplement dedicated to the  9th INSME Annual Meeting, held in Izmir, Turkey, from the 21st to the 24th of May 2013, in collaboration with İZKA-İZMIR Development Agency

9th Annual Meeting partecipants

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THE 9th INSME General Assembly

The INSME General Assembly

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” (Henry Ford)

The 9th INSME General Assembly took place on the 21st of May. During the intense 4-hour meeting with 62 registered representatives from 27 different countries Mr. Andrea Di Anselmo (META Group) was elected as new INSME President and  the action plan for the upcoming months was discussed. In addition, the Assembly approved the balance sheet 2012 and expressed its appreciation concerning the location for the upcoming 10th INSME Annual Meeting in 2014.

The INSME Governance Board  for the mandate mid - 2013 / mid – 2015 that is now composed as follows:

INSME President:

INSME Vice-Presidents:

INSME Secretary General:

  • Ms. Christin Pfeiffer – INSME
INSME Board Members:

INSME Advisor:

  • Ms. Simona Marzetti, previous INSME Secretary General (ad personam)

INSME  as of the 21st of May can count on the support of 100 members from 43 different countries and could notably strengthen its global outreach in the last years.

1st DAY: Let’s get the 9th INSME Annual Meeting started

International Conference Day1The keynote speaker Ms. Hudson on day one opened the session on “The Finance of Innovation: Access to Grants, Loans and Incentives” defining what the innovation community should know about equity capital and showing how angel and VC investments work throughout the world, with a focus on the United States. The first keynote speech was followed by the panel discussion that was chaired by Mr. Ronald KLEVERLAAN - Mr. Taylan DEMİRKAYA and Ms. Cristina PIAI .

The Conference proceeded with Ms. RANGA’s speech in the session dedicated to “Defining The Role of Innovation in Countries’ Strategy for Sustainable Growth”. The discussion was followed by Dr. Anne-Laure MENTION, Ms. Valeria PONOMAREVA and Mr. Selçuk KARAATA’s speeches that gave a more comprehensive framework on the topic.

International Conference Day1The evening session began with the keynote speaker Mrs. Nava SWERSKY SOFER who opened the session on “Managing the Innovation Economy: Challenges And Opportunities For SMEs”. Mrs. Swersky Sofer, underlining the role of Israel, showed how some countries have succeeded in creating thriving innovative eco-systems in which SMEs play a vital role. The keynote speech was followed by the discussions with Prof. Dr. Helena FORSMAN, Dr. Septi M. BUKULA and Prof. Dr. Erkan ERDİL, giving some interesting hints about the topic with a particular focus on other areas such as South Africa or Turkey.

To learn more about the speakers of the 1st day of conference and see the PPT presentations please click here.

1st Day: THE IMP3rove Award Ceremony

IMP3rove Award CeremonyAfter a long day it’s time to network and celebrate!

During the Gala dinner at the Historical Town Gas Factory, the IMP3rove Award Ceremony took place,  where the official IMP3rove Jury awarded Impreglon Kft - a Hungarian company specialized in coating technology - with a trophee and a certificate for its superior innovation management performance.performance.

Learn more about IMP3rove and Impreglon Kft.

2nd Day: The conference keeps on going!

International Conference Day2The keynote speaker Mr. Param SHAH (India) on day two opened the session on “Grounding Innovation in Investment Policy”. The presentation, with a particular focus on Gujarat – India, underlined the importance of supporting SMEs in developing their ideas through the implementation of IP policies to lead the innovation process and the support from policy makers and governments to create a climate favorable for innovation.

The morning panel session was chaired by Dr. Henry LOEWENDAHL (UK/Hong Kong), Dr. Claudia KRYWIAK (Canada) and Ms. Fulvia FARINELLI (Switzerland), who completed the scenario on the topic.

To learn more about the speakers of the 2nd day of conference and see the PPT presentations please click here.


International Conference Day2In the afternoon, more than 50 participants took part in the site visit to the Aegean Free Zone – an Export Processing Zone (EPZ).

After a welcoming lunch the group had the chance to visit the Industrial Park, where most of the trade barriers are eliminated, government red – tape is minimized and attractive financial incentives are offered to attract new business and international investment.

After the 3 days-conference the Annual Meeting participants enjoyed a guided tour to the major touristic and historical spots of Izmir, to take advantage of the spare time to get to know each other and make use of the networking opportunities gathered by an international event attracting more than 200 participants from 43 different countries all around the world.


International TrainingThe INSME – IZKA – UNCTAD International Training on the 24th of May has been opened with Mr. Di Anselmo’s training module explaining how to better present a business proposition to risk capital investors.

The first training module was followed by Mr. De Tullio’s module that, underlying the importance of IPR in the innovative products value chain, gave some crucial hints on how to better manage intellectual property rights and how to better exploit them through private investors and venture capitals.

The International training kept on going with Ms. Farinelli’s contribution describing how fostering an entrepreneurial culture that positively values entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship is a key determinant of economic success.

The training session ended with Mr. Thota’s session that showed the importance of eco – system partners to achieve profitable growth. Thanks to the combination of these four interesting work sessions, the participants had the opportunity to develop ideas on the implementation of co-development activities with partners, suppliers and customers.

International Conference ClosingINSME Members and event’s participants gave a very positive feedback on the conference and side events. The INSME Governance bodies consider the 9th INSME Annual Meeting a further step forward in the success story of the network and has already started with first preparatory actions for the 10th INSME Annual Meeting that will take place in March/April 2014 at Abu Dhabi, hosted by Khalifa Fund (UAE).

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