Kauffman’s new indicators of entrepreneurship

March, 29, 2019

The Kauffman Foundation has recently introduced the new Indicators of Entrepreneurship which offer in-depth measures, reports and interactive data on entrepreneurship across the United States.

Data are collected according to a series of indicators:

  • rate of new entrepreneurs, indicating the percentage of population that starts a new business;
  • opportunity share of new entrepreneurs, that indicates the percentage of people that starts a new business by choice instead of necessity;
  • startup early job creation, that is the average of jobs created by startups in their first year;
  • startup early survival rate after one year of activity.

    An impressive number of data is available and can be accessed at this page where they are collected per state, per year (from 1998 to 2017) and per indicator.

    Find out more here.

Source: Tha Kauffman Foundation