Latest book by our INSME Board Member Prof. Jay Mitra: “Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Regional Development: An Introduction.”

November, 3, 2020

Jay Mitra, Professor of Business Enterprise and Innovation at Essex Business School, Chairman of the International Entrepreneurship Forum and INSME Board Member just published with Routledge the second edition of “Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Regional Development: An Introduction”.

The book adopts a wide definition of entrepreneurship, recognizing its central role for economic and social growth. He also describes the role of entrepreneurship for regional development by offering a fruitful combination of theory, practical examples, results of empirical research, and policy recommendations.

The scholar suggests that entrepreneurial culture, workforce skills, business infrastructures, and access to finance are all critical domains where policymakers can intervene to make their regions more innovative and entrepreneurial. Because of the role of the regional context, policy measures must be tailored to the specific local conditions. A closer attention to the nexus of entrepreneurial people, organizations, and environments should also be given.

More information is available on this page.


Source: The International Network for SMEs - INSME

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