META Group leads the Horizon Results Booster

July, 31, 2020

META Group (holding the INSME Vice-Presidency) is the lead partner of Horizon Results Booster, an initiative of the European Commission aiming at maximizing the impact of research projects funded by the 7th Framework Programme and Horizon 2020.

The Horizon Results Booster offers three main services:

  • Portfolio Dissemination & Exploitation Strategy which gives support to 1) identify and create the portfolio of R&I project results; 2) help to design a common dissemination plan for the portfolio; 3) guide and train to improve the existing project strategies of projects towards effective exploitation of key exploitable results;
  • Business plan development: project beneficiaries will receive tailored training and support to develop a business plan that includes a market analysis, a business strategy, an operational plan, the identification and analysis of competitor(s), an action plan to be implemented by the project and an estimation of time to market;
  • Go to Market: project beneficiaries will be provided with assistance, coaching, mentoring, contacts with the market stakeholders regarding pitching, intellectual property rights, innovation management, business services etc.

The service is free of charge and interested beneficiaries can apply at this page.

More information about the Horizon Results Booster is available here.

Source: META Group

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