META Group supports innovations improving European citizens quality of life

July, 31, 2019

META Group (whose vice-president and co-founder Mr. Andrea Di Anselmo holds INSME vice-presidency) has signed a contract for the next three years to collaborate with the Active Assisted Living Programme (AALP) on projects aiming at facing the challenges of the ageing of our societies.

It is proven that by 2070 more than half of the EU’s population will be over 65 and this requires measures ensuring that people will age well, healthy and engaged. Since 2008 the Active Assisted Living Programme funds annually projects focused on healthcare, mobility, security, leisure and ICT that address the challenges of ageing and that can make a difference in people’s lives. In order to make the transformation from laboratory to market real, META together with the Agency for the Promotion of Research in Europe (APRE) will support AALP by:

  • Implementing 6 editions of the Lean Startup Academy, supporting early-stage AAL projects in better defining their business model;
  • Organising 6 editions of the Go-To-Market Launchpad, with the aim to support more mature AAL projects in pitching in front of investors/customers or to prepare a crowdfunding campaign;
  • Creating and managing a network of local contact points in all AAL Countries, which will aim to circulate useful information on local markets, players and funding.

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Source: META Group

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