SMEs Growth Outlook 2019-20 by Enterprise Europe Network

December, 23, 2019

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) has released “SMEs Growth Outlook 2019-20”, a report presenting the results of a survey submitted to SMEs from the EU 28 countries that received advisory, innovation or partnership services from the EEN.

In particular, the survey data on how SMEs expect to grow in terms of turnover, workforce, market share, prospects for international expansion and innovation.

With regard to the turnover the report finds out that there is a positive perspective, the 59% of SMEs that internationalize expect to increase their turnover and while this data is particularly positive for Estonian SMEs that are the most confident (87%), other countries like Croatia and Luxembourg are less optimistic.

Estonian SMEs expressed high confidence in terms of expectations for job creation (57%), which is a very positive if compared to the EU average which is 30%.

Furthermore 49% of interviewed SMEs envisage to increase their market share over the next 12 months and also in this case Estonia is the most optimistic country while Belgium and France are the most cautious about their near-term growth prospects.

The report also includes interesting data for each country. Click here to discover more.

Source: Enterprise Europe Network

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