The Covid-19 crisis accentuates the need to bridge the digital divide

April, 29, 2020

The spread of Covid-19 is causing economic and social life consequences in multiple ways and dimensions.

The rapid digitalization that marks our time on one hand helps in the decision-making process regarding response and adaptation to the situation by governments, businesses and consumers, but on the other hand accentuates the differences towards the least developed countries that are behind on digital uptake.

The global crisis changes the behaviors of the world population and pushed us more into a digital word, these new habits probably will stay the same also in a post-Covid-19 scenario.

A new report from UNCTAD (INSME Member) analyzes how the Covid-19 affected our approach against digitalization and also highlights the need to bridge the digital divides between different areas of the world.

Digitalization is allowing telemedicine, telework, online conferencing and education. It enables the consultation of more data and makes easier the information exchanges for research.

Other benefits are the increase of e-commerce, the use of digital platforms for customers entertainment and social interactions.

Despite these positive aspects, it should be taken into consideration also that not all technology companies are profiting from these changings and there are relevant security and privacy concerns arising from the increasing use of the digital means.

To know more, check the UNCTAD Report here.

Source: UNCTAD

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