The International Trade Centre – ITC collaborates to the development of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator

October, 30, 2019

The Women’s Entrepreneurs Accelerator is an initiative promoted by Mary Kay Inc., a leading advocate of women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship, and established thanks to the strategic collaboration among 6 United Nations Agencies: UN Women, United Nations Office for Partnerships (UNOP), International Labour Organization – ILO, UN Global Compact – UNGC, the United Nations Development Programme – UNDP and the International Trade Centre (ITC) (INSME Member).

The Accelerator will:

  • offer a guided digital curriculum supplemented by training and mentorship;
  • serve as an advocacy platform to overcome the challenges women meet in their entrepreneurial journey by enabling them to contribute to local and national economies;
  • support global efforts to encourage businesses to establish and expand relationships with women-led enterprises.

The Accelerator will be initially available in 6 languages and the plan is to expand it to 192 countries.

Arancha González, Executive Director at ITC welcomed this new partnership by declaring that it “will empower women and girls to pursue their entrepreneurship dreams, and equip them with the skills needed to turn those dreams into business success.”

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Source: The International Trade Centre - ITC

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