Travel to London and learn how to build an angel investor network

June, 28, 2019

From the 9th to the 12th of July the ESIL (Empowering early stage investors partnered by META Group holding INSME Vice Presidency) project will organize the third study visit in London targeting investors interested in discussing how to create an Effective Angel Ecosystem by learning from the UK example.

The 4-day study visit will include a wide range of activities: besides the workshops to discuss key trends, developments, challenges and opportunities related to angel investing, participants will have the chance to visit the RocketSpace UKBAA Angel Hub – Scale-up incubator, part of the Silicon Valley Rocket space programme. As an alternative, and only for the women participating at the event, there will be the option to join UKBAA Women Angel Investing National Forum, where more than 100 women investors will come together to share experiences. Participants will also be lucky to visit the Bradfield Centre Cambridge Science Park and meet with the leading Angel groups in Cambridge, which is the Birthplace of (Science-Based) European Angel Investing.

The complete programme of the study visit is available here.
Applications to participate can be submitted via this link. Selected participants will be informed in due time by the organizers.

Source: Empowering early stage investors - ESIL