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META combines venture capital fund management,
entrepreneurial mentoring and innovation consultancy into an 
integrated Platform for transforming knowledge in to growth.

We invest in startups and innovators across Europe, and help governments, 
Institutions, regions and cities around the world foster more of them.

We have over 20 years' hands-on experience investing in high-growth companies across Europe, and helping Institutions, governments, regions and cities around the world foster more of them.


Developed by entrepreneurs, META is built on ​three pillars:

  • META Investmentinvesting in high-growth startups across Europe
  • META Academynurturing and guiding young people, entrepreneurs & scientists as they transform ideas into high-growth startups​
  • META Advisorypolicy advice on stimulating innovation and startups to clients as diverse as individual cities and the European Commission

Each pillar supports the others – what we learn from financing startups underpins the practical advice we give cities and governments, for example, while promising META Academy entrepreneurs are introduced to our venture capital fund managers (and are often trained by them).

META Innovation Platform: Challenge-based innovation strategies to boost entrepreneurialism and start-ups in Europe

The story of European innovation is increasingly a story of urban ecosystems –cities constantly refining and developing their innovation fabric to both foster home-grown startups and attract others from across the continent.

In parallel, large companies are increasingly supporting startups, which provide them with new solutions and business opportunities.​

gip-ecosystem.pngMETA's Innovation Platform brings them together, along with other city-level stakeholders, in a carefully designed process to:

  • Solve local urban problems
  • Stimulate local high-growth, knowledge-intensive companies
  • Connect them to new markets and investors across Europe​

Challenge-based innovation ensures startups are fostered for needs which exist locally.​ The result: startups with innovative products and services, each precisely designed to meet the needs of a Challenge Owner, who becomes their first client. Each city's Innovation Platform then benefits from META's Europe-wide network of cities, startups and investors.


The International Network for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises-INSME is a legally recognized not-for-profit Association open to international membership.

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