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BAE - Business Angels Europe
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Business Angels Europe (BAE) is the European Confederation of Angel Investing, representing the European Business Angels' Federations and Trade associations in Europe. BAE brings together the most active and developed countries operating in the angel market in Europe.

BAE aims to represent and give a unified voice for the business angel community in Europe and doing this by:

  • Raising awareness to the general public concerning the role of business angels investment in Europe in all its forms, including business angel networks (BAN) and angel groups and syndicates;
  • Promoting the contribution of business angel networks and business angels to an entrepreneurial culture;
  • Encouraging and actively promoting the exchange of experience among business angel federations and trade associations and business angel networks, as well as encouraging "best practice" and quality/professional standards;
  • Acting as the reference point for reliable data relevant to the business angel activity in Europe by organising regular collection of statistics and about the European angel financing market;
  • Engaging with key organisations at European level to ensure a supportive administrative environment encouraging the growth of business angel and early stage finance, including adoption of fiscal measures that encourage risk taking by both entrepreneurs and business angels, and maintaining the contact to the European authorities for the recognition of business angels financing as part of the future of the European economy;
  • Assisting members in their representation activities with their local and regional governments;
  • Proactively connecting the European angel market with the global angel ecosystem and acting as a counterpart for relevant organisations in the world for benchmarking purposes, and cross-border collaboration;
  • Reinforcing the role of federations and trade associations in countries across Europe, which can include supporting the creation and development of new federations and trade associations;
  • Developing a framework which will stimulate cross border collaboration and deal flow exchange among member networks of federations and trade associations;
  • Pursuing these objectives will be facilitated by the conclusion of cooperation agreements with other European organisations and the development of contacts with non-European organisations.

Business Angels Europe (BAE)'s priorities are the following:

  • Be a strong coordinated voice to represent its members to the European institutions and the market;
  • Be the resource of knowledge, experience and intelligence on the European angel market;
  • Grow cross-border and international investments and stimulating women investments;
  • Promote professional, ethical standards and best practices.

BAE engages in EU-projects that match the strategic objectives of the organisation, focusing on capacity building, stimulating women investing and improving research.

ESIL - Early-Stage Investing Launchpad
Empowering Early Stage Investors



In accordance with BAE’s primary objectives, the ESIL project (EU-funded initiative) tackles the lack of common investment practises and structures in Europe and the overall heterogenous nature of the European investment markets. ESIL provides capacity building programmes fully adapted to local ecosystems, drawing from top practices in angel development and network management across 44 countries. Visit the website here.