Activities for the fulfillment of the INSME Association’s goals are carried out through the following governing bodies:

  • the General Assembly, comprised of all Members of the INSME Association
  • the Board, the formally elected body consisting of representatives of the INSME full Members
  • the Secretary General, managing the Secretariat, the operating body responsible for the management of the Association and for the execution and application of guidelines from the INSME Board
  • the Auditor, responsible for the auditing of the financial statement and the budget of the INSME Association.

The INSME Board (mandate mid-2019/mid-2021) is composed of the following members:

The President is also the legal representative of the Association.

Mr. Sergio Arzeni
Former Director
OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Local Development


Vice Presidents



Mrs. Mouza Al Nasri
Executive Director
Khalifa Fund For Enterprise Development
United Arab Emirates

Dr. Raimund Broechler
Senior Research & Innovation Manager,
Head of Innovation Services Lab  & Head of Factories of the Future Lab
Intrasoft International Luxembourg
Granduchy of Luxembourg


Mr. Andrea Di Anselmo
Vice-President & Founding Member
META Group

Mario Ohoven
BVMW The German Mittelstand

Board Members
Canada Colombia  France
Ms. Nava Swersky Sofer
President and Founding Board Member
International Commercialization Alliance (ICA)
Ms. María Lucía Castrillón Simmonds
PROPAIS – Corporation for Small-Sized Business Development
Mme. Marie-Florence Estimé
Former Deputy Director
OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs & Local Development (CFE)



Mr. Massimo Deandreis
General Manager
SRM – Economic Research Centre related to Intesa Sanpaolo Group
Mr. Elio De Tullio
Managing Partner & IPR Attorney
De Tullio & Partners
Ms. Simona Marzetti
INSME Board Advisor 



Mr. Iván Ornelas Díaz
Director of International Programs
INADEM – Mexican Institute of the Entrepreneur 
Mr. Ibrahim Abdulaziz Al Mannai
Marketing and Communication Manager
Qatar Development Bank
Mr. Florin-Ioan Rosu
Head of Unit
Ministry for Business Environment, Trade and Entrepreneurship
United Kingdom

United States of America
  Prof. Jay Mitra
Adviser to the Board
Forum for Sustainable New Venture
Mr. Hamsa Thota
Innovation Business Development (IBD), INC.
Secretary General
    Mr. Giovanni Zazzerini
Secretary General
INSME – The International Network for SMEs
    Mr. Giovanni Pizzolla
Chartered Accountant
Pizzolla, Salini & Associati