Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Following 2020’s successful programmes, the INSMEAcademy  launches a new e-learning programme that covers the key aspects of entrepreneurial ecosystems in 6 free webinars, held by world‑renowned academics, experienced venture capitalists, skilled consultants, and talented entrepreneurs.

Whether you are an executive, an entrepreneur, a consultant, a policy maker, or a researcher, by attending the programme, you will:

Acquire the necessary competencies to understand the entrepreneurial ecosystems’ key players. These 6 free webinars will give you all the knowledge you need, covering the fundamental aspects of the Ecosystem value chain, held by world‑renowned academics, experienced venture capitalists, skilled consultants and talented entrepreneurs.

Here is the journey we have decided to plan for you:

Our free webinars  can be viewed from anywhere and on any device, in live streaming or at a later time, by accessing the recordings.
Participants will have the opportunity to discuss with the speakers and take advantage of their expertise, and will gain access to the INSME repository of innovation best-practices.

Custom Programmes

The webinars above are free of charge.
We have planned, organised and delivered two more initiatives, in partnership with H&D Partners, aimed in the same direction:  Brain Trust and Exectuve Training Programme on entrepreneurial ecosystems. The former designed to tackle specific challanges affecting your ecosystems, while the latter, by delving deeper into the topics discussed during the webinars, will give you the opportunity to learn and discover more about entrepreneurial ecosystems

Executive Training Programme

Take advantage of INSME’s new 10 day, on-line private training programme. This e-workshop is aimed at further deepening your knowledge on the Ecosystem value chain.

In the Executive Training Programme, each lesson will be held by an expert on the matter, who who will assist you in refining your competencies on entrepreneurial ecosystems while analysing in depth and detail the topics addressed during the webinars.

Brain Trust

If you need technical assistance to overcome specific challenges concerning your ecosystem, INSME offers a Team of experts who will be by your side step-by-step and share their expertise.

In the Brain Trust Session, a team of 4 experts will guide you and provide you with the knowledge you require to solve specific challenges, offering a set of different solutions, which they will then assist you implement.

Interested in the new INSMEAcademy programmes?
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