Research and Learning Forum

INSME is pleased to launch a new and unique SME related R&D capacity development platform for Universities and Research Institutions, gathering entrepreneurial Universities worldwide, which will establish a new line of communication with researchers, scholars and policy makers.

The R&L Forum will contribute to the development of relevant and effective SMEs policies, the exchange of key findings, and and the development and implementation of state-of-the-art methodologies.

The Forum is being led jointly by Professor Jay Mitra, Essex Business School, University of Essex UK, and Dr. Giovanni Zazzerini, Secretary General of INSME, ensuring a proper mix of insights from academia, independent research and learning, and reflective practice. They will establish an advisory team from these communities of interest with a view to enhancing both R&L capacity and the uses of R&L in multiple institutional, geographic and thematic contexts. The R&L Forum is a unique network-based enterprise in keeping with the wider objectives of INSME and purporting to draw from the intellectual, professional and experiential capabilities of the forum leadership and the members of the network.


Reasons to Join


The Annual Membership Fee is €500.

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