Educating innovation

The world is looking at innovation and entrepreneurship with great importance to the world economy rectification from decades of stagnation due the fact that the world is becoming a small village with everybody knowing and able to have what everybody else in this world have. “Innovative Entrepreneurship” is in the heart of any economy development or diversification. The educational system must catch up with these facts and must prepare future economy through prepare the future entrepreneurs whom must be innovative as well. Although the wish is clear, yet the challenges are preventing any dreams to come true. The “Innovation Curriculum for Entrepreneurship” is a revolutionary approach that is actually a solution that we believe will have unprecedented impact in this area.

Data: June, 17, 2014 | From 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. - CET

Relator: Mr. Osama Ghanim

Chief Executive Officer, INNOVABIA, United Arab Emirates

Founder and Chief Innovation Director (CID) for the first dedicated MENA region Innovation Management company namely INNOVABIA based and located in Dubai Knowledge Village. A Senior Innovation Strategy Consultant with accumulative experience of 23 years out of which 15 years in Senior Business positions with extensive involvement in Innovation, Strategy Consultation and Strategic Planning. Originally achieved sound achievements in the Information Technology and eBusiness areas. Frequently speaking in regional and international event about Innovation. Participated in many regional entrepreneurship competitions and/or awards both as organizer and as judge. Professional and passionate trainer since 1983 in various technology and management subjects yet selective in subjects that are new and suite the time we live in. Developed the “Innovation Climate Model”, a universal new and brave attempt to gather all spectrum of Innovation of all types for any organization in one model. There is one tailored model for the government sector specifically. Author of the book “Building Innovation and Creativity atmosphere”. Electronic Engineering from Kuwait University in 1985. MBA from Phoenix University in USA. Preparing for PhD In Innovation Management field.