Blockchain and trust in the Internet of Things era: a unique business opportunity

One of the most dramatic revolutions in the Internet era is one that we didn’t see: the large-scale adoption of computational trust between digital systems. For centuries, human trust has been at the roots of commerce, politics, and war. Today these relations are handled by digital systems, such as e-commerce and banking platforms, which must communicate through computational trust principles. The advent of IoT is further pushing ahead the need for trusted communication between systems, opening new, unique business opportunities for automated and smart-contracts regulated transactions.

Data: March, 28, 2018 | From 5.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. - CEST

Relator: Mr. Stefano Pepe

CEO & Co-Founder, Uniquid Inc.

Stefano Pepe is CEO and co-founder of Uniquid Inc., a software company that provides identity and access management tools for Internet of Things devices. He grew up working as an independent web developer during the '00 and web marketing specialist during the '10. Since 2013 works with the same passion for the Bitcoin and blockchain business. TEDx speaker, panelist and public speaker on the argument, he published the book "Investire Bitcoin" in the fall 2014.