Green entrepreneurship & women and the essential role of public-private partnerships to encourage innovation

This webinar will treat the current status quo of green entrepreneurship with a special focus on implications for women intending to launch or foster a business. The question on who shall be responsible for driving the inclusion of more women in the Southern Mediterranean workforce will animate the discussions together with the query on how our shared responsibility to invest in and strengthen green entrepreneurship can be implemented by Governments, NGOs, employers and young women themselves. As an enterprise is a risky and complex venture, public authorities can help entrepreneurs minimize the risk and grow by providing good framework conditions, financial and non-financial support services. To do this, they can put dedicated intermediary organizations in place. Public-private partnerships are essential to encourage innovation and drive economic growth in women-led businesses. The extended Q&A session will be a suitable occasion to further discuss opportunities generated through the EUROMED Invest Project, coordinated by ANIMA Investment Network and to connect with peers coming from all over the world.

Data: April, 27, 2016 | From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. - CEST

Relator: Ms. Fatma M'Selmi, Mr. Christian Saublens and Mr. Oussama Dahmani

Laur'us Consulting, EURADA and Anima Investment Network

Fatma M’Selmi has a Master degree in Strategic Management. She has over 10 years of management experience with EU institutions and monitoring of complex consulting projects. With the German Cooperation for development (GIZ), she worked as an innovation expert and innovation component manager. She also worked on economic women development and developed strategies, managed and supervised their implementations in partnership with Tunisian Ministries and the European Union. At the national level, she developed a pilot Innovation management training course and an innovation toolbox after studying the needs of Tunisian SMEs. She also worked with several enterprises to implement the innovation management system with focus on gender matters.

Christian Saublens is Belgian and has an experience of more than 30 years in lobbying the European Community authorities. He is the Former Executive Manager of EURADA, the European Association of Development Agencies. Christian helped the creation of EBAN, the European network promoting the stimulation of informal venture capital at regional or national level. Christian has written several papers regarding the impact of EU regulations on regional development and the role of development agencies in Europe. Christian is the chairman of the S³ Mirror Group, the expert group of the Smart Specialisation Strategy Platform of the European Commission.

Oussama Dahmani is an International Development Expert with more than 12 years’ experience in the fields of private sector support, economic inclusion and business environment with emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. Oussama is in charge of coordinating EUROMED Invest, one of the major European programs launched end 2013 and aiming at supporting the private sector and improving the economic relations in the Euro-Mediterranean area.