How small businesses can embrace crowdfunding for success!

Small businesses are certain to be the most active recipients of the worldwide trend of Crowdfunding. Whether it pre-sales, reward, donation or equity this presentation will cover the basics. What is crowdfunding relative to a small or medium sized business? Crowdfunding describes the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money for a purpose, product or service via the internet. How does it work for a small or medium sized business? A website is used to facilitate, co-ordinate and keep the raising compliant. Is it just about the money? No. Businesses are using Crowdfunding for the following: a. to validate the market. b. to test a market. c. get extra promotion. d. to capture data. e. money and matching money. Sometimes it is about the money. Why should you embrace it? According to, crowdfunding platforms are predicted to generate $5.1 billion in revenue this year.

Data: February, 26, 2014 | From 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. - CET

Relator: Mr. Paul Niederer

CEO / Director, ASSOB – Australian Small Scale Offerings Board, Australia

Paul Niederer is one of Australia's leading authorities on peer to peer investing and equity based investment for early stage growth companies. Paul joined the ASSOB team in late 2008. As CEO Paul leads a team that shepherds businesses through an ordinarily complex and frustrating Capital Raising Process with efficiency and effectiveness. Paul is no stranger to managing growth businesses, having spent the past few years as CEO of both ASX and NSX publicly listed businesses. Before that he managed and developed businesses in Singapore, the Middle East and Sweden.