OECD Business and Finance Outlook 2018

November, 2, 2018

‘OECD Business and Finance Outlook 2018’ is an annual publication that presents and analyses data on the trends that are shaping the future of business, finance and investment.

This fourth edition addresses connectivity both among institutions within the global financial system and among countries. On the one hand the report explores new risks to the financial stability with a focus on the normalisation of monetary policy, debt problems and off-balance sheet activities in China; on the other one it analyses the new phase of globalisation centred on Asia/Eurasia. In this framework the report focuses on the China Belt and Road Initiative that represents an ambitious development strategy but “needs a transparent foundation of sound principles conducive to cost-effective solutions and fairness to all stakeholders”. Generally speaking according to the Outlook, connectivity among both advanced and emerging economies enhances the benefits of trade and investments.

Find out more insights by reading the whole report available at this page.

Source: The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - OECD