Small Businesses into Large Enterprises Value Chain – SEBRAE’s Business Linkages Strategy

For the purpose of reducing the asymmetry of productivity between small and large enterprises, SEBRAE has adopted the Business Linkages Strategy, inducing the inclusion of small businesses in the value chains of large enterprises, in order to contribute to the improvement of competitiveness. In this webinar you will learn the logic of operation and the strategic goals of the Business Linkages Strategy to support innovation and impact on the competitiveness and sustainability of the companies involved as well as listen to some case studies of large enterprises, that confirmed tangible benefits thanks to the close collaboration with local small and micro entrepreneurs.

Data: September, 17, 2014 | From 1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. - CET

Relator: Mr. Fausto Keske Cassemiro

Deputy Manager of the Industry Unit and National Coordinator of the Business Linkages Program, SEBRAE, Brazil

Fausto Cassemiro is deputy manager of the Industry Unit at National SEBRAE and also National Coordinator of the Business Linkages Program. With a master in mechanical engineering and a degree course in production engineer, the most significant experiences are in developing business linkages projects around Brazil and some countries of South America and Africa. Also, Cassemiro has relevant experiences in consultancy to implement managing strategies in companies, such as lean manufacturing, balanced scorecard and cleaner production.