Storytelling in the Digital Age

Stories are an inherent part of an organization’s narrative. They are powerful tools helping people understand what an organization does and what it stands for. Yet, organizational storytelling is messy. Stories are rarely told in order from beginning, to middle, and then end – especially in this digital era. So how do organizations fit structures, elements, and ideas together to develop their stories? How can organizations use people, tools, and channels to capture waning attention spans? This session will cover the case for organizational storytelling, its foundations & reality, and research-based guidance to help you become a more effective storyteller in the digital era.

Data: June, 28, 2017 | From 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. - CEST

Relator: Ms. Tara Hadler

Project Manager of Collaborative Processes, Network for Business Sustainability - NBS

Tara Hadler, Project Manager of Collaborative Processes, oversees digital engagement and communications at the Network for Business Sustainability. She works with researchers, designers, developers, and end users to create user experiences that increase the chances of managers using research products to elevate their company's sustainability performance. Prior to joining NBS, Tara gained technical experience working in product development at Info-Tech Research Group. She has a Master in Sustainable Development from the University of Basel, and Bachelor in Media, Information & Technoculture from Western University.