The Art of raising money for SMEs

For investors, the four key elements of any successful business are: a good idea, an excellent team, a bigmarket, and money to do it right. If you ask a business: Are you looking for money? 99 % will say yes! Regardless if they are in early, growth or mature stage. The process of raising money is undergoing a transformation, and in this Webinar we will go through the different routes available today. We will cover strategies like Crowd Funding, Accelerator Programs, “LeanStart, and “MVP” start-ups. The Webinar will also include ”The ten key factors for getting outstanding results in the process of raising money.”

Data: June, 12, 2013 | From 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. - CEST

Relator: Mr. Amir R. Raveh

nvestor and Entrepreneur | Founder and CEO of MG Equity Partners (UK) | Managing Partner of the Virtual EXelerator, EAI, Belgium

As a Founder and CEO of the British investment house MG Equity Partners raised US$250Million, and specialized in setting innovation and entrepreneurship centers around the world. As a Lecturer at leading Universities, created the E-Mindset model which focuses on developing the entrepreneurial mindset. Founder & Ex CEO of Media Call UK Ltd, sold in 2003. He holds a MBA from Middlesex University in London.