The social media based innovative services: the new value creation drivers

The Social Media Innovation is a new knowledge production model, based on the full integration of the social networks and tools onto the internal, and the external context of the organisation. The low cost external communication tools -easy to use and share- like online communities, or processes like the viral marketing are changing the way organisation are structured and are creating value. The boundaries of the “old” organisation are now questionable, a new way of generating value is emerging.
The Social are also part of new and innovative business processes which is generating a new professional profile in the organisation: the Social Network builder who uses social networks, such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook to identify, satisfy and create new needs and clients. These new professional figures, other than managers and IT experts, are the new protagonists of the Social Innovation.

Data: March, 27, 2013 | From 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. - CEST

Relator: Mr. Aleardo Furlani

Founding Director, INNOVA, Italy

Aleardo Furlani, CEO and founder of INNOVA S.p.A., graduated in Law “summa cum laude” (with highest honors), University of Naples, holds an MBA from IESE- Barcelona. After an experience as Senior associate for MAC Group/GEMINI Consulting Group from 1987 to 1992, where he carried out strategy formulation consultancy for leading Italian corporations in the Space Industry Sector, he founded INNOVA in 1993 to support EU companies and Universities in the implementation of their exploitation of R&D results. With over 20 years of experience in business strategies, international marketing and innovation financing, Aleardo Furlani assists industrial and research organisations in the commercial exploitation of technologies and the valorisation of R&D results in Europe and in South Mediterranean Countries (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon ,Syria, Egypt): since 2006 he is head of 2 European Investment Bank Technical (EIB) Assistance Projects in Morocco and Tunisia.