Vietnam, a world of opportunities

Vietnam is considered as the golden gate for Asia Pacific market and the country’s economic outlook for 2020 is envisaged to grow up to 6.5 per cent. One of the most important investment destinations is Binh Duong, a region located in the south-east of the country, that contributes with 22 billion US dollars to the national export value and attracts partnerships and Foreign Direct Investment.

The webinar will explore the opportunities an emerging country like Vietnam can offer and will analyse the case of the Binh Duong as an example of successful Smart City that developed a smart socio-economic development model that provides real-life test environments (Living Labs) to businesses and universities to launch new technologies, applications and products, contributing to the development of modern places to live and work in.

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Data: June, 11, 2019 | From 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. - CEST

Relator: Ms. Maily Anna Maria Nguyen

Member, The Italian Association for Quality Culture – AICQ Industry 4.0 Steering Committee, Italy

Maily Anna Maria Nguyen is an expert of internationalisation of SMEs, in the past couple of years she also gained relevant experience in SMART CITY and SMART COMMUNITY topic. Currently she is representative of Becamex IDC Corp. (Investment and Industrial Development Corporation) in Europe. She is also head of the Desk Emilia-Romagna/Italy in Binh Duong thanks to an agreement between the Union of Chambers of Commerce of Emilia-Romagna Region, the Chamber of Commerce of Italy-Vietnam and Becamex IDC Corp. Ms. Nguyen is also member of: – the board of National Association Italy-Vietnam for the friendship, cooperation and cultural and scientific exchanges; – the Steering Committee of Industry 4.0 of AICQ (Italian Association of Quality Culture) – the AEREC (European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations), established as a Department of the National Body for the Development of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts constituted in 1981 with the aim of promoting the Italian industry in the world by means of economic and cultural exchanges with international organizations and institutions.