What Kind of Innovative Firm Are You?

Innovation is a hot topic right now for organisations of all sizes. Those that are trying to improve their innovation capability have no shortage of  resources available to them. But how can you tell which tools and  approaches are right for your specific organisation? I am doing research work right now which looks at the various types of innovative firms that exist. In this webinar, I will explain how to figure out which type of innovative organisation yours is, and give you some tips on how to identify the tools that will be most useful to you.

Data: May, 14, 2013 | From 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. - CEST

Relator: Mr. Tim Kastelle

Senior Lecturer - Innovation Management, UQ Business School, The University of Queensland, Australia

Tim Kastelle is a Senior Lecturer in Innovation Management in the School of Business at The University of Queensland. He teaches, researches, writes, consults and blogs about innovation. Learn more at http: timkastelle.org