A new initiative to support business and professional associations in Azerbaijan

March, 30, 2020

The summit “Supporting Business and Professional Associations in Azerbaijan” was the occasion to launch a new initiative promoted by the Small and Medium Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan (INSME Member) and the USAID mission in Azerbaijan and aimed at offering support to business and professional associations which operated in the country.

In particular, the initiative will contribute to develop public private partnerships in order to put joint efforts in reaching common social and economic goals.

As said by Orkhan Mammadov, Chair of the Board at SMDA, initiatives like the one presented are of paramount importance for both the private and public sector, and stressed the effort the government is doing in supporting small and medium enterprises. In the framework of this joint initiative the Agency will continue in implementing measures that could be of help for both enterprises and business support organizations, while USAID will provide financial support to strengthen associations by evaluating projects to be proposed by business associations, public unions and NGOs. In this context, the establishment of a consortium among business entities, public unions, business associations, and NGOs will also be encouraged.

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Source: Small and Medium Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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