EBSOMED: an interview on the Peer Learning Programme!

January, 31, 2020

Within the framework of the EBSOMED (Enhancing Business Support Organizations) project, last November INSME delivered a peer learning programme to support two managers from the UCAS (University College of Applied Science) Technology Incubator – UCASTI, based in Gaza, Palestine to acquire knowledge and skills that could help them in establishing a new innovation centre. The programme was held in Rome, Italy and as a follow up activity, the EBSOMED staff interviewed Hani Abuamer and Tariq Thabet from UCASTI.

The two managers expressed appreciation for the opportunity offered by the EBSOMED project and highlighted that the initiative coordinated by INSME was very useful as it gave the possibility to gain awareness of the procedures to establish an innovation centre by adapting the Italian and European example to a challenging context like Gaza.

Furthermore it was also important to have the chance to work with different people and deal with diverse experiences as well as to exchange knowledge.

Finally they expressed the hope to participate to initiative like this in future as they feel the experience in Rome gave a real contribution to their project.

Have a watch at the interview available here!

Source: EBSOMED Project

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