Listen to the World Bank Group President’s words on the crisis response

June, 30, 2020

The World Bank Group launched a new audio series to explore and discuss data, research, and innovative solutions for the global development challenges. During each podcast, the audience is engaged in a journey over the world of international development.

The leading speaker of the episode released on the 29th of May is David Malpass, the World Bank Group’s President. During this interview, David Malpass shares his vision on how the crisis has been faced especially from the developing countries point of view and how developed country can promote global economic growth and sustain the recovery of the poorest countries.

Mr. Malpass stressed the importance of flexibility in the economy and, especially during the time of crisis, the identification of the areas where the countries can build their flexibility and create capacities for future growth. Other values that developing countries should boost in order to attract foreign investors are the transparency at a general level and the quality of health and education systems.

At the end of his interview, Mr. Malpass pointed out that the poverty level is currently rising, for the first time since 1998, and this should drive in the near future the Word Bank and hopefully the developed countries to create a better and stronger environment.

Listen to the interview here.

Source: The World Bank

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