The EU releases the Single Market Scoreboard 2020

July, 31, 2020

On the 3rd of July, the European Commission published the Single Market Scoreboard 2020 which is an online tool designed to evaluate the performance of the Member States in order to improve the functioning of the Single Market.

The Scoreboard 2020 shows the commitment of the Member States to ensure the proper functioning of the Single Market for improving the free movement of supplies across the EU and the recovery of the EU economy. Since the single market requires the cooperation among the Commission and the Member States, it has been designed also a new tool called Single Market Enforcement Task Force.

By considering the results of last year’s scoreboard, it can be highlighted a steady situation in most of the Member States although there is a small decline in the overall performance.
The best-performing countries in 2019 were Latvia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia Finland, and Slovakia while Spain, Italy, France and Austria reported the smallest improvements.

The Single Market Scoreboard pointed out also the following elements:

  • Member States improved the transportation of EU legislation on the one hand but on the other hand, the number of infringements increased;
  • the use of the Internal Market Information System (IMI) remarkably boosted the Member States’ administrative cooperation in 16 policy and legal areas;
  • Citizens and businesses increased the use of tools to benefit from the single market.

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Source: European Commission

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