The OECD launches the Policy Observatory on Artificial Intelligence

March, 2, 2020

On the 27th of February the OECD launched the Policy Observatory on Artificial Intelligence, which will help countries to manage in the best way for the society the development of AI system.

The Observatory has been built after the OECD’s Recommendation on the Council on Artificial Intelligence (OECD AI Principles) that has been adopted by the OECD countries in May 2019.

The Observatory gathers all the information coming from the OECD and from the partners in order to create a complete database of AI policies. The core attributes considered by the Observatory are the multidisciplinary of the areas that can involve artificial intelligence, promote an analysis on measured methodology and evidence-based and boosts the dialogue and the collaboration within a global multi-stakeholder partnership.

This database of AI policies is developed together with the European Commission and allows countries and stakeholders to share, update and compare all the key elements in an interactive manner.

The OECD has a natural links with technology, research science and innovation communities and in order to develop them chase collaboration from policy communities from OECD, partner countries, other public entities international organization and non-governmental.

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Source: OECD - The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

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