BE.ST. (BEst practices exchange to STimulate Serbian SMEs growth)

INSME has been awarded a grant to implement the BE.ST. (BEst practices exchange to STimulate Serbian SMEs growth) project under the Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP).

The project will be carried out in collaboration with Cluster House llc with the aim to contribute to the Serbian economic growth by promoting the access to knowledge and methodologies enabling SMEs and start-ups to manage the most urgent challenges they have to face.

From February to September INSME and Cluster House will:

  • carry out an analysis of the Serbian business environment in order to mobilise entrepreneurs, startuppers, innovators and wannabe entrepreneurs around key challenges and needs to be tackled;
  • deliver four Best Practices Labs to support selected project beneficiaries in refining proper skills and enabling them to differentiate, internationalise and scale up their businesses;
  • provide participants with an Innovation Toolbox, consisting of webinar sessions offering the opportunity to access tools, methodologies and techniques to enhance the competences acquired during the workshops;
  • facilitate tailored online mentoring sessions with high-level experts worldwide.

To learn more about the Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP) please click here.