BE.ST. BEst practices to STimulate Serbian SMEs growth: INSME delivered the first Best Practice Lab

April, 30, 2019

With the aim to contribute to Serbian SMEs growth, INSME is carrying out a project in collaboration with Cluster House that has been granted under the Central European Initiative (CEI).

After a first phase dedicated to the analysis of the local business environment, on the 15th and 16th of April, INSME Secretary General Giovanni Zazzerini met 40 young entrepreneurs from family businesses and start-uppers who took part to the first of three Best Practices Labs designed to enhance participants’ skills and competences.

The workshop – delivered by adopting both a theoretical and a hand-on approach – was focused on the crucial role of innovation as key for business growth. Giovanni Zazzerini highlighted that a full understanding of the market is crucial for the success of a business and supported participants to sketch the customer persona, a tool allowing the entrepreneur to get inside customers’ head and map their needs. Participants have also been guided through the business model canvas and received insights on how to develop the value proposition.

The next best practices lab envisaged for mid-May will explore how to enter new markets and internationalize a business.

Source: The International Network for SMEs - INSME