Cluster driven innovation Services design: the case of t2i

Date: March, 25, 2015 | 1 p.m. - 2 p.m. - CET

“Open Innovation” is a buzz word in these days and with good reasons: customers are increasingly demanding and products are increasingly complex, requiring a wider range of specialized skills that are very difficult to find inside a single company. In order to develop the full potential of the Open Innovation approach, it is necessary that adequately designed innovation services are available. In the webinar we will present the best practices that t2i has developed for innovation services design, with a focus on cluster services.

Relator: Mr. Marco Galanti

Project Manager at t2i – technology transfer and innovation Italy

Degree in Business Economics at University of Venice (Italy) in 2001, attended post-degree course in e-Project Management and Higher Education course as Specialist of Innovation and Technology Transfer. He is working at Treviso Tecnologia since 2002 as Project Assistant and Project Manager, focusing mainly on innovation projects which have a strong business involvement side and an SME oriented open-innovation approach.