Euromed Innovations for the Planet and ANIMA General Assembly 

3 July 2023

INSME will attend the Euromed Innovations for the Planet and ANIMA General Assembly event that will take place on 10-12 July in Nicosia, Cyprus. The forum will be organized by INSME member ANIMA Investment Network in association with Invest Cyprus. The ANIMA Investment Network is an international network with the mission of making the Euro-Mediterranean area more attractive to business investment, improving the performance of policies and institution, and promoting enterprises that create value for society. The network brings together 70 member organizations in 20 countries with more than 400 experts and partners. 


The annual forum seeks to address the ongoing climate change crisis and its direct consequences on the populations and enterprises of Mediterranean countries. The forum also seeks to establish a common agenda of innovation and transition between the Euromed business community and launch the Euromed iHouse. The events agenda encompassed various topics that varied from understanding global challenges and their impact on business, possible contributions to future policies, networking and collaborating with Euromed peers and partners on common agenda and collaboration in the programme of the Euromed iHouse. Around 150 leaders, CEOs, and managers from 22 European, African, and Middle Eastern countries are expected to be in attendance. The forum will be a great opportunity to learn more about the impact of the planet challenges on businesses and collaborate in the Euromed iHouse. 


More information can be found here 

Source: INSME Secretariat

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