Innovation Economics, Engineering and Management Handbook just published

28 June 2021

The “Innovation Economics, Engineering and Management Handbook” has been published early in June by ISTE-Wiley, edited by Dimitri Uzunidis, Fedoua Kasmi, and Laurent Adatto, who are members of the RRI – Reseau de Recherche sur l’Innovation, featuring a contribution from INSME Secretary General, Giovanni Zazzerini. The Handbook’s main purposes are to analyse the innovation processes in the information and knowledge society; to examine the intensification of links between research and business; and to study the different methods through which innovation emerges and is managed by firms from a global point of view. In particular, the Handbook features two chapters written by Mr. Zazzerini: the first one on innovation and entrepreneurial skills and how to develop them; while the second describers the disruptive innovation model. 

The research presented in this Handbook adds to our understanding of the systemic nature of innovations and enables us to explore their potential applications. 

You can find more information here. 

Source: INSME Secretariat

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