Innovation Management

Innovation Management requires an actionable skills set to both lead and manage innovation, as Hamsa Thota reported in his fundamental book “Key Concepts in Innovation”. These skills highlighted are crucial for managers and political leaders as well.

While on the one hand skills required to lead include utilization of key concepts such as innovation work, purpose and value, policy and mindset, leadership and transformation; on the other one among the skills required to manage innovation there are the mastery of key concepts in the front end of innovation (prove the concept), the middle (utilize new product development process to build product/service) and the backend (extract value by creating compelling customer experiences and lifecycle management).

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Data: April, 30, 2020 | From 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. - CEST

Relator: Dr. Hamsa Thota

President, Innovation Business Development (IBD), Inc.

Dr. Hamsa Thota is the founder and president of US based Innovation Business Development (IBD), Inc., a company specializing in product innovation performance improvement. He has 40 years of accomplishments as an inventor, entrepreneur, innovator, and teacher. He trains and consults with organizations to improve new product success rates in the US, China and India. He holds 10 U.S. patents. He coauthored “Key concepts in innovation”, a fundamental reference book for practitioners, students and scholars of innovation. He served as a senior advisor to the U.S. Art of Science Learning (ASL) project. Under his guidance, ASL project teams explored connections among arts-based learning and scientific innovation. Working in Innovation Incubators operating in San Diego, Chicago and Worcester, MA, the project teams developed STEM based novel solutions to pressing civic challenges.

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