INSME at the Annual Investment Meeting in Abu Dhabi

12 May 2023

INSME’s contribution at the Annual Investment Meetingn (AIM) in Abu Dhabi, one of the largest international investor events, has been threefold:

  • During Day 1, Giovanni Zazzerini, INSME’s Secretary General, led the workshop “Bringing Innovationto the Market”, where he held discussions with entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs from around the globe how to leverage technology and match a market need.
  • On Day 2, INSME’s Secretary General took part in the Entrepreneurs Investment Summit organized by UNIDO ITPO Bahrain, within the panel “Developing conducive ecosystems for entrepreneurship and innovation”. During this fruiful discussion, Zazzerini highlighted that an ecosystem has to be shaped around the local context and strengths and considering the interconnected nature of all the components.
  • Day 3 was dedicated to the panel on “Digital Economies” of the Innovation & Technology Track. Along with the perks of digital transformation for SMEs such as the digital export, product differentiation, and CRM, Giovanni Zazzerini pointed out challenges ahead primarily difficulties inaccessing finance for intangible digital investments. Other INSMEMembers and partners participated in AIM, namely Sharakah, Tojoy, WBAF, and KOBIA, which represented a perfect opportunity to strengthen relationships and plan future activities together.
Source: INSME Secretariat

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