INSME has been awarded a CEI grant to support the growth of Serbian SMEs

November, 30, 2018

The International Network for SMEs – INSME has been awarded a grant to implement the BE.ST. (BEst practices exchange to STimulate Serbian SMEs growth) project under the Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP), an instrument supporting initiatives focused on the transfer of know-how and best practices from EU to non-EU CEI Member States, financed through the Central European Initiative – CEI Fund at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development – EBRD.

From February to September 2019 INSME together with Cluster House llc from the Republic of Serbia will be committed to the creation of a more fertile Serbian business environment in order to let SMEs and entrepreneurship prosper. This will be done through four main strands of activity: a) a first phase of analysis of the Serbian business environment to mobilise SMEs, start-ups, and national and international stakeholders around key challenges and needs to be tackled; b) the organisation of a Best Practices Lab, consisting of four workshops to support SMEs in refining proper skills enabling them to differentiate, internationalise and scale up their businesses; c) the provision of an Innovation Toolbox, consisting of online webinar sessions providing tools, methodologies and techniques to consolidate the competences gained during the workshops; d) and tailored mentoring counting on the experience of international experts.

To learn more about the Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP) please click here.
To read more about the Central European Initiative please visit its official website.

Source: The International Network for SMEs - INSME