Intellectual Property Management

In the current era of knowledge-based economy, the main value of companies is represented by the so-called “intangible assets” that became crucial for businesses.  Adequate protection and management of Intellectual Property Rights can generate a considerable increase in the value of innovative and creative businesses. Furthermore companies able to innovate and protect their IP assets, grow more rapidly and generate the greatest benefits for the business itself and the community.

That said, before starting any business abroad is highly advisable to know tips and tricks to protect SME’s IP rights in the destination markets/countries. The ability of SMEs to develop and adopt long term and best cost-effective worldwide strategies of protection and exploitation of IPRs is one of the pillars of successful exporting activities in these countries. 

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Data: June, 11, 2020 | From 3.00 to 4.00 p.m. - CEST

Relator: Mr. Elio De Tullio

Italian Attorney-at-Law and Lawyer, Registered European and Italian Trade Mark & Design Attorney, De Tullio & Partners

Elio De Tullio is Managing Partner of De Tullio & Partners, Intellectual Property Law Firm. Attorney-at-Law admitted to the Bar in Italy since 1994 and litigator before the Italian Corporate Courts specialized in Intellectual Property. He is registered as European and Italian Trade Mark & Design Attorney since 2005. He matured considerable expertise in assisting companies (in particular, SMEs) and associations operating internationally in the technology sector. He cooperates as an expert with WIPO, EUIPO and the European Commission, as well as with the EU-China and the EU-Asean IPR SME Helpdesks. He is a frequent lecturer for several Italian Universities and speaker during international conferences and seminars, as well as author of numerous publications and articles on international magazines and reviews.

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