Register to the 6th Policy Lab: Reforms boosting the Algerian innovation ecosystem

19 October 2021

Since the end of the 1980s, SMEs in Algeria allowed the country’s economy to grow, favouring local development and competitiveness, especially in the non-hydrocarbon sector. Today, SMEs represent more than 99% of the total number of companies operating in Algeria (ONS, 2012), providing nearly 90% of the value added generated by the main sectors of activity, playing a key role in job creation, especially for younger Algerians. Successful engagement of young people in the labour market and society is crucial not only for their own personal well-being and economic prospects but also for inclusive economic growth and social cohesion, especially after the severe shock caused by Covid-19.

Currently, Europe is introducing important measures to help SMEs recover from the pandemic, with a great emphasis on the green and digital transition as the way forward; simultaneously, Algerian institutions are enacting policies and tools to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and the growth of SMEs and start-ups: the government’s start-up accelerator “A-Venture” has been inaugurated in Algiers by the Minister of Knowledge Economy and Start-ups, with the objective of making start-ups a driving force for new economic development. Simultaneously, the government is addressing the global issue of lack of financing for SMEs, launching the “Algerian Start-up Fund” in collaboration with COSOB and public banks, to invest in operations with equity and quasi-equity. Furthermore, the Bourse d’Alger is creating an ad-hoc compartment for SMEs and start-ups willing to go public. Are such initiatives effective? What is their impact on the Algerian entrepreneurial ecosystem? During the panel, experts will address the following questions:

  • What vision do you have in mind for Algerian SMEs and start-ups?
  • Which are the forces driving this change, and which are the most burdensome difficulties you have had to face or are facing to implement these initiatives?
  • Which are the most interesting challenges to be addressed in the near future within the Algerian entrepreneurial ecosystem?


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Source: INSME Secretariat

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