The BE.ST. project: INSME and Cluster House together to stimulate Serbian SMEs

February, 28, 2019

Since the 4th of February INSME and Cluster House are committed to the implementation of BE.ST. (BEst practices exchange to STimulate Serbian SMEs growth), a project financed by the Central European Initiative under the Knowledge Exchange Programme and aiming at contributing to Serbian SMEs growth on an international scale.

In this first phase Cluster House is carrying out an analysis of the Serbian SMEs environment that will be fundamental to better understand the most urgent needs and challenges companies have to deal with and to identify project’s beneficiaries who will access a training programme (including Best Practices Labs, Innovation Toolbox webinars, mentoring sessions) designed to support them in better refine skills and competences enabling them to boost their businesses competitiveness.

During the first Best Practice Lab to be held in April Mr. Giovanni Zazzerini will share insights on business modelling and lean start-up method with up to 40 selected beneficiaries.

For more information about the BE.ST. project please contact the INSME Secretariat at

Source: The International Network for SMEs - INSME