The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

February, 28, 2019

The European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform is an initiative of the European Commission and the European Economic and Social Committee implemented to offer a space where stakeholders active in the wide field of circular economy could share and scale up effective solutions and address specific challenges. In particular the platform is a network of networks that brings together existing initiatives at local, regional and national level and supports the implementation of the circular economy.

The platform aims at making circular economy a reality by:

  • driving circular economy in Member States, regional and local governments, civil society organisations and businesses;
  • strengthening the cooperation among existing networks in order to facilitate the exchange of good practices, expertise, knowledge and lessons learned in the field of circular economy;
  • identifying the barriers hindering the transition towards the circular economy with the aim of informing policy at all level of governance.

    By accessing the platform interested stakeholders can map good practices, dialogues, knowledge and strategies and select key areas, sectors of interest, country, outreach and many other criteria.

    Visit the platform at this page.

Source: European Union