“Why development agencies promote innovation, but cannot innovate themselves?”. Insights from the Agorada+ scoping paper by Eurada

November, 30, 2018

Former EURADA director Christian Saublens has presented his views on innovation inside development agencies in a scoping paper on “Regional Development Agencies: THE REGIONAL ENGINE OF PUBLIC SECTOR INNOVATION” in preparation for AGORADA+, the international conference organised by EURADA (INSME Member from Belgium) with the Regional Development Agency of Asturias (IDEPA) on the 29th and 30th of November in Oviedo, Spain.

Innovation has always been a critical topic for many intermediary organisations and policy makers that often focus on the provision of support services to entrepreneurs and enterprises rather than on innovation inside the organization. In addition public entities are promoting the concept of innovation without really being able to innovate themselves and when this happens it is rarely a real innovative solution in response to an identified regional challenge.

The scoping paper highlights the forms of innovation that can be in the hands of Regional Development Agencies such as: organisational innovation, process innovation, conceptual innovation, innovative funding sources and knowledge management innovation, providing food for thoughts on how RDAs can manage them.

To read the scoping paper, please click here.
To have a look at the agenda of AGORADA+, please visit the official website of the event.

Source: The European Association of Development Agencies - EURADA