XPRESS Project : promoting Green Public Procurement and a better involvement of SMEs in the UK

March, 29, 2021

Within the framework of the XPRESS project, INSME hosted on March 23rd the first Stakeholder Café, an event aimed at promoting dialogue across the different actors active in the renewable energy and green public procurement (GPP). The online workshop was the occasion to identify solutions and proposals for promoting GPP and for lowering its barriers in the UK: the event has seen the participation public authorities,e.g. the North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC), SMEs and financing institutions which shared experiences in GPP or explained the strategies they are implementing to increase their participation in public tenders and their objectives. From the SMEs side, the during the Stakeholder Café there has been the chance for Ian Mackenzie, CEO and Founder of Trojan Energy, to explain their solutions for EV charging for cities and for sharing his concerns related to the participation to public tenders. Mr. Mackenzie states that for Trojan Energy is difficult to find a tender to participate to, as their technology is so unique that it cannot be compared to the other EV charging solutions, as their products do not fit the “standard” procurement processes. However, according to Mr Mackenzie, it’s always a SME’s responsibility to present solutions. Engaging SMEs in public procurement is a win-win game, because with public partnerships SMEs can lower the business risk, access new markets, strengthen their competitive advantage, scale up and gain a trusted status and recognition. There are many challenges to be faced to boost the participation of SMEs in public tenders.If you are public authorities and SMEs who are willing to adopt low carbon solutions, you can help the XPRESS Project by participating to the RES Survey: it is useful to map the needs and experiences in the GPP, speeding up the green transformation process across EU. This is only the first of a cycle of the XPRESS Stakeholder Cafés, you will find here updates and information regarding the next ones, for other countries across Europe soon.

Source: INSME Secretariat

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